Why Your Dog Is Like A Mirror

From my new dog training friend, I love this. Nine times out of ten, if I’m having a behavioral issue with one of my dogs, it’s most likely because of something I have or haven’t done. I remember when Stella was about 7 months old, I considered re-homing her. I feared the salon life wasn’t enough for her. Her behavior was out of control. She ate my car. Had a hard time settling down. I got called out by an old boss, she asked how much time I had actually put into her training. It was hard to hear, but it snapped me out of whatever land I was in. Stella and I immediately went to work. She’s now the best dog I have. I know her, she knows me. I hear all the time, he/she is a rescue, so what? Any dog can be well-balanced. With consistency and effort, I believe almost every dog can lead happy, balanced lives. It’s up to us, their handlers, pet parents, to teach them. And lead them. Thank you Meagan Karnes (@thecollaredscholar)  for the reminder 🐶❤️🙏

Here is a little reading material if you’d like to learn more:

Correcting Bad Dog Behavior: Why Your Dog Is like a Mirror

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