Full Service Pet Grooming for Dogs & Cats

Grooming your fur baby is done gently, with as little stress as possible. We strive to make this a pleasant experience for your pet. Please note, pricing for services varies depending on the dog’s size, temperament, and length/condition of coat. On your first visit, it is required that you provide proof that rabies and other vaccinations are up-to-date.

The Sonny’s Spaw pricing model for grooming measures from ground to shoulder and is priced according to our fee scale. We do not price by breed, as most breeders don’t breed to standards, making it an unfair system. Pricing by the weight of a dog also creates unfair pricing as some taller dogs end up not being charged enough for time spent grooming them.

NOTE: We will NOT groom sedated pets. Please talk to Mary prior to your appointment if you think your dog may have anxiety or aggression issues during grooming. There are alternative solutions.

Happy clients say it best!

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