Mary is a patient and loving groomer, I highly recommend her. I personally have a pain in the ass dog and he always comes out even and gorgeous when she’s done grooming him!
—Darlene K

I won’t take my dog anywhere else! Just adore Mary & how much Peanut loves her!!
—Brenda C

This is where I’ll be taking my Yorkie-Poo from now on. Mary has a stellar salon and best of all she truly cares about your dog.
—Chantelle R

Abby and I both loved the experience of working with Mary! She is talented/skilled and caring and personal with her work and her approach. And that’s what I’m looking for when I get my pet’s groomed. Thank you Mary from both of us.
—Hope W

Mary was so sweet. I loved how sonny greets new people and pets as they come in the door. My puppy Vader has never looked this good.
—Callie M

Wonderfully experienced groomer. Cares about the dogs. We take our dogs here.
—Rio J, Donkey Whisperer Farm

I own a full-sized sheltie named Chelsea, we rescued her in Oak Ridge TN eight years ago. After retiring to Sequim four years ago, my husband and I continued to have our dogs Chelsea (sheltie) and Susie (border collie) groomed every four weeks. Sadly, Susie passed away at 15 years old, one year after we moved to Sequim. We had been taking Chelsea to a very good groomer 30 minutes away. All of a sudden, Chelsea’s face and head would still not be clean when I picked her up. This happened two months in a row. I mentioned this to the owner of the grooming facility and was told it would be taken care of. When I came to pick up Chelsea, the owner was putting something in our dog’s eyes, saying hair had gotten into her eyes. When we got home, I watched our sheltie continue to rub both her eyes with her paws. She looked so bad and couldn’t keep her eyes open. I got scared and took her to our veterinarian two hours later. Chelsea’s eyes (specifically the cornea) had been badly scratched and we had to get medicine to prevent infection, plus medicine for healing her cornea in one eye. Until we moved here to Sequim from Oak Ridge TN, our dog was always crate dried, the blow drying frightens Chelsea. Now that I’ve found Sonny’s Spaw, I won’t have to pay $160 for a veterinarian ER visit and medicine on top of the grooming cost. Not all dogs are frightened by a blow dryer in their face as ours is. I can say however, it is much safer and kinder to crate our dog to dry her fur. Thank goodness our veterinarian’s office referred us to Sonny’s Spaw. Mary is very good at grooming in a clean, safe environment. To top it off, it is only a 6-minute drive to Sonny’s Spaw here in Sequim. We love you Mary and Sonny’s Spaw!
—Sharon K

The de-matting of Steve: Our female cat Steve is a big old heifer at 20+ pounds. She’s big, she’s old, and she’s mean as hell. She’s a pill it before pick it up kind of cat. Not because anyone has ever been mean to her, it’s just her temperament. Today she was pilled and transported to Sonny’s Spaw to have her matted fur removed. Tonight she’s fur-free and feeling fine. Mary did an excellent job! The cat had a bath and a fur cut. She also got her ears cleaned and her claws trimmed. Sure, she got a little feisty but everyone survived. Thanks again Mary, Steve looks awesome. P.S She’s back on her diet. LOL
—Kimberly V