Humanity Before Vanity

Sometimes I have to make a judgment call for your pets and their grooming. Sometimes it is in conflict with the information your vets give you. I see most of my clients every 4-6 weeks. I know every square inch of their bodies. I know every like, dislike. I see things on my grooming table you or the vet will never see. When I am determining the best course of action for your pets grooming I always consider, if it were one of my dogs, would I do the grooming? Quite often that means you, as the pet parent, don’t get what you want. While I want you to be happy, your pets safety and emotional well-being is my main priority. When I send your pet home for any medical or behavioral reason, I do not charge you for that visit. There are many groomers in our area who will groom your dog at any cost to the dog, I am not that groomer. These decisions are never made lightly, but they are always in the best interest of your pet. A friendly 2021 reminder, if I won’t do it to one of my dogs, I will not do it to yours. ❤️ 🐶

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