Full-Service Pet Grooming Salon for Dogs and Cats

Grooming your fur baby is done gently, with as little stress as possible, ensuring a pleasant experience for your pet. Fees for services vary depending on size, temperament, and length/condition of coat.The salon is clean, safe, comfortable, and FUN – come see for yourself! Learn more —> We care about the safety of our 4-legged clients, our staff, and you--please familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures before your visit. Thank you!

Sonny's Self Wash

Do-It-Yourself Fully-Equipped Dog Wash

Bring in your furry friend for a bath! We are available to assist you in proper bathing and drying techniques as well as nail trims, please ask for help. Self-wash fees include all the same PREMIUM shampoos and conditioners used at Sonny’s Spaw plus professional grade equipment and tubs for customers’ comfort, two- and four-legged! Learn more —>


Dear Friends,

The Sonny’s Spaw team is grateful for all new customers and referrals, we love our jobs and our fur-legged clients. To provide the best grooming experience possible, my staff and I are all #fearfreecertifiedprofessionals. I, Mary, am also a certified dog trainer. We will never groom any dog who is past their fear threshold. Sometimes we’ve had to turn dogs away. As a business owner, this practice definitely affects our bottom line. From the day I opened, nothing has been more important than your dogs well being. Not even profits. My policy is firm, If I wouldn’t  do it to one of my own dogs, I absolutely will not do it to yours. If you’re looking for a groomer that is just going to get the job done, regardless of your pet’s emotional well-being, we may not be a good fit for you. Our goal is to earn your pet’s trust. To bond with them. If you, the pet parent and the groomer are unable to work together, that can not happen. So please, before you refer us, make sure your friends are aware of our most important policy. None of us got into this industry to torture terrified dogs.

Thank you all, feel free to share.


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