Full Service Pet Grooming Salon for Dogs and Cats

Grooming your fur baby is done gently, with as little stress as possible. We strive to make this a pleasant experience for your pet. Please note, pricing for services varies depending on dog’s size, temperament, and length/condition of coat. On your first visit, it is required that you provide proof that rabies and other vaccinations are up-to-date.

We are not taking new clients at this time, our groomers schedules are full.

NOTE: We will NOT groom sedated pets. Please talk to Mary prior to your appointment if you think your dog may have anxiety or aggression issues during grooming. There are alternative solutions.


Cat baths

$45 and up
Price varies according to size severity of matting and temperament of cat. Includes nail trim. The least stressful times for cats are early morning and late afternoons. For their own safety, please deliver cats in their carriers. There requires a certain level of care for kitty and myself to be done safely and still have quality finish. Proof of RABIES VACCINATION REQUIRED.

Full haircut

$80 and up
Price varies by size, length of desired cut, matting, and temperament of cat. Includes nail trim.


Pricing for dogs on a 6- to 8-week grooming schedule

Extra small, under 10”$30-$40$45-$50$60-$65
Small 10”-15”$40-$45$50-$55$65-$70
Medium 15”-20”$45-$50$55-$60$80-$90
Large 20”-25”$50-$60$60-$70$90-$100
Extra large 25”-30”$70-$80$85-$90$100-$115
Giant, over 30”$105-$115$110-$120$125

Subject to extra fees

  • Standard Poodles $100+
  • Based on size of dog, $5-$20 upcharge on longer cuts
  • Dogs weighing 100+ lbs charged at $1 per pound
  • Dogs with behavioral issues
  • Dogs requiring extra brushing time

Nail trims

  • Clip only, $10 
  • Clip + dremel, $15 
  • Clip + dremel on 2-week schedule, $10