Nail Trim Update

After communicating with Sharon we have come up with the following nail trim policy. This will create more work for us initially, but with current state guidelines and keeping my staff safe, this is about the only thing that works for everyone. We have to have a running list of contacts in case, hopefully not necessary, but just in case contact tracing needs to happen. So from now on please follow these guidelines. 

1. Call the salon to schedule a nail trim appointment. 
2. We will have space Mon-Fri from 8:30-8:45am and 4:30-5pm.
3. Come into the salon with your pet, ONE CLIENT AT A TIME, masked of course. 

Please be conscientious of other customers and pets. Do not crowd the door. I want to be able to continue to offer nail trims but need to do so safely and considering the needs of not only our clients but also my staff. This will be an adjustment so patience is appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns please express them to Mary. Thank you all for your cooperation with this ever changing climate we are in right now.

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