Easy Nail Trims for Difficult Dogs with Harness System

This is Max. He has had a hard time getting his nails done, and before today, required sedation to do so. He is one of the many four legged friends I purchased my new harness system for. I am so happy I was able to get all four paws done with very little resistance. I have tried before and let me tell you, this boy puts up a fight, but he was 100% free of any medications this time. The Doggie Lift is an amazing, safer alternative for the not-so-willing dogs. I can do a 4lb dog all the way to 130lb dog with four different harness sizes to choose from. I believe in dogs having a healthy nail length. When they are too long, it changes the gait of your pet and can cause deformation, soreness in hips and joints, and even loss of the nail altogether if it snags and is ripped off. If your dog has had problems before with nail trims, please give us a call, WE CAN HELP!! It warms my heart to know this sweet boy will not have to be sedated ever again for a simple nail trim. Good job Max and thank you Lorraine for allowing me the honor of caring for your precious fur kids!!

A big Thank You to Mary (Sonny’s Spaw) who bought a sling so dogs like Max can get their nails trimmed without a fuss! Max has a very sensitive right foot and would struggle so much when we tried to trim his nails that for the last several years we have been taking him to our vet for sedation so I could dremel his nails. No more dope for Max and the entire nail trimming process was no more than a few minutes in the sling! We are so grateful to Mary for saving Max from having to go to the vet for nail trims. —Lorraine


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