PSA: Avoid Ads from Puppy Mills on Facebook

PSA: I have been seeing more and more ads on Facebook for puppies. Sponsored ads, which means they are paid ads. One ad even called the fees “rehoming fees” because it is against policy for anyone to “sell” animals on Facebook. Needless to say, I have been banned from many of these Pages.

I can assure you, not one single responsible and ethical breeder I know will advertise their puppies on Facebook. They may have Facebook pages for their particular kennel, but they don’t need to advertise, they have waiting lists. They are not desperate to get rid of their puppies. They will interview you and make sure you can provide the best home for their puppy.

You should be allowed to see where the puppies are whelped and raised. There will be transparency, no secrets. Puppy mills will hide details. AKC has many different levels of registration, and you may in fact see paperwork, but that doesn’t guarantee anything.

I do not understand all of the ins and outs of it, but if you go to their website it explains every level and tells you what to look out for. Please do not fall for this. If I could shut down every puppy mill, I would. I see everyday what the result of these greedy people is on my grooming table.

Please consider rescue, if you have your heart set on a full breed dog. Reach out to me, I will guide you to an ethical breeder. I love all of my mutts, but they were all bred, sold and discarded. I thank the universe for them daily, but how many do not end up in homes like mine?

Please DO NOT purchase puppies on line!! I know of at least two organizations right now that have puppies for adoption. If you have any questions or concerns please ask.

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