Can’t Promise Pretty

by Ellen Ehrlich

[Excerpt] Mary Oquendo coined this phrase back in the early days of It stuck in my mind, because in the grooming profession, you can’t always promise pretty.

In a perfect world, puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats, would stand on our grooming tables like statues. They would offer their nails for a pedicure, their ears for cleaning, and their faces to wash. They would jump in the tub, turn when asked, and roll over for tummy trims. No one would ever have a tangle or “smile” at the groomer. Every pet would have an impeccable coat. Wouldn’t you love to live in this world?

Let’s face it. Although we have furry clients that are terrific for grooming, there are obstacles every pet stylist has to overcome to obtain the perfect compromise between comfort and style.

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