Beware of Foxtails!


Foxtails are in full bloom all over the Olympic Peninsula! Empty lots where you might give your dog a potty break, fields you might pass through when walking your dog, along paved roads and paths, along fence lines where your dog may walk or play. They are everywhere this year!

Right now they are green, but they are not benign. Green and fluffy or yellow and dry, they are sticky and track only one way: UP! Up into your dog’s skin, eyes, ears, mouth, between toes and up the nose. They are miserable and can even track up your dogs genitals.

Foxtails demand veterinary intervention once they have even slightly penetrated any part of your dog. You cannot pull them out because they are barbed and only go in one direction: in and up!

Please be diligent. Do a full body check after your dog has been anywhere near an area with foxtails. Call your vet if you see any signs of a foxtail penetrating your dog or cat.

Posted in Pet Safety.