Customer Agreement required for ALL new and returning pets. Click image to launch PDF or right click to save.

Dog and Cat Grooming

Grooming your fur baby is done gently, with as little stress as possible. I strive to make this a pleasant experience for your pet. Please note, pricing for services varies depending on dog’s size, temperament, and length/condition of coat. On your first visit, it is required that you provide proof that rabies and other vaccinations are up-to-date.

NOTE: We will NOT groom sedated pets. Please talk to Mary prior to your appointment if you think your dog may have anxiety or aggression issues during grooming. There are alternative solutions.

Baths on short hair dogs

$28 and up
Price varies according to size, temperament, and length/condition of coat. Includes nail trim.

Baths on long haired dogs/touch up/partial

$35 and up
Price varies according to size, temperament, and length/condition of coat.

Cat baths

$45 and up
Price varies according to size severity of matting and temperament of cat. Includes nail trim. The least stressful times for cats are early morning and late afternoons. For their own safety, please deliver cats in their carriers. There requires a certain level of care for kitty and myself to be done safely and still have quality finish. Proof of RABIES VACCINATION REQUIRED.

Full haircut

$60 and up
Price varies by size, length of desired cut, matting, and temperament of dog. Includes nail trim.

Nail trims

By appointment

Easy Nail Trims for Difficult Dogs with Harness System

$25-$30 depending on size and temperament
The Doggie Lift is an amazing, safer alternative for the not-so-willing dogs. The Doggie Lift can handle 4lb–130lb dogs with four harness sizes to choose from.

Nail Dremmels & Maintenance

$15 1st visit / $10 maintenance / $5 with groom
Price reduced for nail dremmeling if you commit to every two weeks. Nail length is important as your pet ages; excessively long nails result in an unnatural gait and can cause joint problems.

Barkzilian Blowout

$25 and up
Brush-out with no bath (mostly for huskies and such)

Feet, Face, Fanny

$20 and up
Come in for a trim up in between grooms!! (no bath)

Dermagic treatment

First visit: $10 small / $15med / $20 large
Maintenance visits (monthly): $5 small / $10 med / $15 large
Dermagic shampoo and conditioner all-natural, great for alopecia, itchy, flaky skin. This system provides relief for dogs who have had problems with hotspots and prone to itchy skin. Monthly treatments are recommended for best results. For more information, visit

Express service

10% of grooming charges
If you want or need your pet done straight through this is a specialty service and will be an up-charge. I make every attempt to have all pets done within 3 hrs, usually less.

Special Handling

$10 and up
This charge may be added to an overly aggressive dog, a senior pet that has trouble standing or a new puppy that needs extra attention. Please keep in mind this charge is for the most severe cases.

Dematting / maintenance brushouts

$ 1/minute after first 10 minutes included in groom
It is my firm policy I will not brush out any matting that may cause unnecessary stress or injury to your pet. Although I have the training and skill to perform this service, I retain the right to refuse to if there is a better alternative for the emotional well-being of your pet. Rule of thumb: if I won’t do it to my own dog, I will not do it to yours! HUMANITY BEFORE VANITY