2023 Grooming Fees

In March of this year I restructured the pricing model to measure from the ground to shoulder. I have never priced by breed, as so many breeders do not breed to standards, it was an unfair system. Pricing by weight of dog for grooming also creates unfair pricing as some taller dogs were not being charged enough for the time spent grooming them. So this year I shifted gears to measuring your dogs. Some of you who have been with me the longest may have only seen a $5 increase, sometimes $10, and I never measured the dogs. You all were grandfathered in as longtime customers.

Unfortunately going into the new year, I will not be able to extend that courtesy. With inflation and employee costs rising, I need to make up for the shortfall. Cost of living and other costs to run the business are increasing at a rapid rate. I am hoping to avoid an overall price increase, hoping to levelize the shortfall with everyone paying the same prices.

Effective January 1st, every grooming dog will be measured and priced according to the scale in the below chart. Nails trims will also be increasing in price.

I know many of you came from grooming salons that were grooming out of their homes. My establishment is set up differently and with growth comes additional costs. I hope you all understand. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Thank you for your continued support.
— Mary

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